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131 – More preparations for . . . what?
Steven continued. “It appears that our next planned stop is a check in at Shalaia, with the extended family; then the four of us return to our home planet.”
Rox, Caspian and the Karen all appeared to mutually agree as Steven put this forward.
Steven turned to Karen. “Switching languages, a moment.”
Steven continued in Karen’s language. “How long are you staying with us?”
Karen appeared reticent. “That depends on how things go. As I said before you went down that hole, there are things that need to happen, that I need to prepare you for. The next step includes the kids.”
Steven made the connections and leaps instants before Rox. “Some of what you put in my mind before we went down was useful down there. Thank you for that. But there is more, isn’t there. Somebody’s machinations still involve us here in this kingdom.”
Karen finished her bite before answering.
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126 – Mom to the Rescue
Rox stood for a moment, catching her breath, and focusing her mind on the magic pattern she had been taught. Then she yelled/cast her daughters name at the house, in English.
“Diana Margaret Caplan, come her now.”
She took her staff to a ready position, not sure what to expect. She could sense some commotion inside, and then her little girl came cannonballing out of one of the windows. She tumbled to her feet, looked around, and ran most of the way to Rox, yelling what Rox had ached to hear.
But Diana stopped a few feet short, not quite recognizing her mother. This was understandable, as there was little about Rox that was quite the same as it had been before this all started. As well there was almost no light and Diana was seeing Rox with her expanded senses for the first time.
Rox had prepared for this.
As her daughter stopped, the door to the house opened, and a local elf woman came out calling for Diana to come back into
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Steven paused and looked at the tracker that hung around his neck; the spot for Alex was bright and near the top/center, and oriented off to Steven’s left. He put it back within his jacket. Sucking up his courage and taking faith that he had gotten this far and was meant to get his son back, Steven stood up and marched down the trail.
Very quickly the handful of beings noticed him. As he approached, their shapes in the dim light resolved into that of five men conversing amongst themselves. However, Steven did not hear any voices. Steven felt two something’s pass by that raised the hair on the back of his neck.
His hand wanted to go for his sword, but that was both out of Steven’s current character, and five on one was not a good bet. His gun behind his right hip briefly suggested it self, and was just as quickly passed. Steven realized that he was marching to an old boot camp chant as it filled his head. All thoughts of battle dropped as quic
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116 – Final Plans and Preparation
Karen fell in step with the Caplan’s “We hike all day tomorrow, then about this time the next day we should be at the cave entrance.”
Rox was most shaken. “We just killed those men. Without any hesitation. Over what, some food?”
Karen took up the answer. “You did not kill yours, though they were badly hurt. Food, metal items, you life. The bag was to cover your head and arms. The archer in case you tried to resist. They would not have worried about your life or pain. Don’t worry about theirs.”
Karen knew that she now had two more faces to fade to gray in her dreams. She stepped away from the Caplan’s as Steven put his arm around his wife’s shoulders and kept her walking. Karen’s senses told her that Steven was as torn up as his wife, but better trained to deal with it.
“That force wall was rather efficient.” Karen spoke to Caspian, taking the animals lead back.
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Steven escorted Caspian around, after getting him his canteen from the inn. The smell of the carriage pony’s had triggered Caspian’s nausea a second time, so Rox drew the lot to get their stabled horses and cart, after first changing clothes. Caspian had simply given her one of his money pouches to draw from. Steven and Caspian had then gone shopping for the food.
Rox had the help of the stable hands to groom and harness the horses. Caspian had traded out the large four wheel cart for a smaller two wheel one with no bench. She purchased good provender for the ponies and walked out leading them. Rox encountered Steven and Caspian in a market. Caspian looked mostly recovered from his alcohol induced illness.
They secured the groceries in the cart, picked up a few more, including a water barrel, and went back to the inn. They cleaned up their rooms, and packed everything, taking it down to the cart. Caspian had chosen well, as everything fit w
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Vermilion Cliffs - Kaibab Plateau by mwr928 Vermilion Cliffs - Kaibab Plateau :iconmwr928:mwr928 0 0
As Karen held Rox’s arm, she quickly touched Rox’s mind with the thought to trust Karen, at least until this trouble was over. She then started to a different door, keeping the crowd between then and the guards. At the same time Karen was actively shrouding herself and Rox.
Roxanne followed Karen, the brown haired woman, through the crowd while tucking the inactive staff against her arm. Somebody behind them finally yelled some kind of alarm and some guards were moving across the room toward them. Even shrouded, Rox was not hard to spot, being taller than nearly everybody else here.
The brown haired woman pulled her skirts up to run better as she got clear of the dance floor and to a different set of doors than Rox had been going toward originally. Without stopping, the woman leaped into a flying kick that bounced her from one guard to land on the other. She got up, holding a knife purloined from one of the guards as Rox
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Mature content
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Mature content
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perceptions about left middle right by mwr928 perceptions about left middle right :iconmwr928:mwr928 0 0 immigration, emigration, migration. . . by mwr928 immigration, emigration, migration. . . :iconmwr928:mwr928 0 0
The Yautja Technician
The Technician puttered around his workshop. Lit primarily by skylights the large room was filled with various bits and pieces of stuff littering several large parallel tables across the middle of the room, and shelves along the edges. One narrow end had a removable wall, currently closed, that led to a small open air foundry and smithy. The other end was a lab for electronics analysis and construction.
Much of the material in the room was damaged pieces of assorted kinds of armor, a few small modules with controls and displays on them, and a lot of raw and finished materials for building things piled on shelves. The piles of stuff, after a moment’s observation, were obviously for three distinct cultures and creatures.
The largest creatures were the Space Jockeys. Their technology was such that parts of it were indistinguishable from the bodies of the Space Jockeys themselves, being bio-mechanical in basis and design.
The next creatures looked to be of a purely inorganic origin,
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Alaskan-Jack-Moose by mwr928 Alaskan-Jack-Moose :iconmwr928:mwr928 0 1
Journal of Steven Caplan: Day 122
We got back on the local Sunday, and none of the shops was open. It was just as well. Rox and I both crashed, hard. So now on the local Monday, we are back in business. Rox is going to her outfitter and magic lessons. I am going to see my outfitter. I have been told that my once-only escort has refused to participate, so I get to go on my own
I wonder how much of a mess we will find on Earth, once we finally get back.
The Mundrl's Outfitters shop smelled of properly cured leathers, layered with tallow from the candles, and a few other scents mingling through. Rolls of fabric and other materials were stacked in shelves that were fresh since his last visit.
Steven had been here long enough to be familiar with the height difference, but he was still a bit uneasy with being the shortest in the room, rather than the tallest. As he walked into the back he passed Master Mundrl helping a customer, both of whom Steven only came to
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The boy had disappeared, while Master Mundrl and Steven’s escort were sorting through his clothes. They put his underwear aside, discarded his worn socks into a separate pile, and were going over his BDU trousers. They looked at the setup with the pockets and storm flaps pulling a bandanna from a pocket, jabbering to each other in their tongue. Then the escort turned to Steven, translating.
“You carry things in your thigh pockets?”
“Gloves, bandanna, other soft things.” Steven answered.
The elves jabbered a bit more, as the trousers were turned inside out and the Master examined the seams. The translator spoke a bit more.
“Do you kick much in your fighting? Crawl around, or stretch your legs wide?”
“I don’t kick much, but full movement at my hips is good.”
This was relayed as the trousers were put aside. The costume from the Palace was glanced over, and then put on top of t
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